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Important Items & Cool Things for a Home Bar

Almost every home needs a minibar, if not a full-sized home bar. These home bars come in handy when you have guests over, are having some party, or get together at your place. It is always good to be known as a great host, and a simple way is to do that by entertaining your guests and providing them with a little bit of booze. Being able to make or rather stir up a tasty cocktail is another talent to have up your sleeve. It can come in use at any time, not only can you make and serve cocktails at your party, but also at other parties or get-togethers.

Home bars are also great if you need some wine to serve along with a formal dinner or some beer while you hang out and chill with your friends. Although you can choose the spirits of your taste or selection, there are a few essential items that every home bar requires. A few of these home bar essentials equipment are listed below.

Perfect Home Bar Essentials Checklist

What every home bar should have? Below we have provided the main home bar accessories. Check and know what do you need for a basic bar at home.

Bar Glasses

One of the most important home bar basics is Glasses. There are a variety of glasses that are specifically used for certain kinds of drinks. Some of them draw their names from the place of origin, others from the drinks or spirits served inside them. Some of them are the formal wine glasses, Paris on the rocks glasses, Leopold coupe glasses, Japanese style mixing glasses, etc. You can find some of the best bar glasses at Coupe glasses, Rocks glasses, and Collins glasses.

Jiggers and Shakers

Shakers are glasses or containers used to mix the spirits of a cocktail thoroughly, and jiggers are used to measure the amount of the ingredient you are adding into your drink. While there are various jiggers available in the markets, the popular ones are Japanese style that is a two-sided measuring tool and is extensively used to make cocktails and drinks. You can find some of the best shakers and jiggers from Mount Wilder, Kitchen Delli, and Black Butterfly Bar accessories.

Ice Maker

Every home bar needs ice because the drinks cannot be served without them. The best way to have access to ice at all times at your home bar is by having an ice maker close by or installed near your home bar, depending on how much you use it. Ice makers come in handy when you need lots of ice but don’t have the time to fill up ice trays and freeze them. Your ice maker can be mounted, portable/ countertop or best undercounter ice maker depending on your needs. Some of the best ice makers for a home bar are Ge Opal countertop, Costway countertop, and Frigidaire portable ice makers.

Strainers and Juicers

Strainers and juicers come in handy when you want your cocktail to have the tangy or sweet taste of fruit, but none of its pieces, fiber, etc. Juicers are often used to squeeze out juices from citrus fruits, while strainers, as their names suggest, are used to strain out any pieces of fruit or mint that you mix in your drink for taste. Some of the best juicers and strainers can be purchased from Wired bar accessories, Black butterfly bar accessories, and Barproducts. 

ReserveBar Spirits

All bars need some of the best tasting reserve spirits mixed to bring out the richest flavors in each other. While there are a few famous spirits that can come in handy for multiple cocktails and drinks, you can still choose to add in some of your exquisite favorites. Some famous or common spirits to add to your home bar are Bacardi 8 Rum, Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey, and Famous Grouse Blended Scotch.


Home bars have become an essential part of a house in recent years. Almost all parties and get-togethers require some drinks, and it only adds to the fun if the host themselves makes the cocktails for his guests. There are a few essentials tools that every home bar needs, no matter how big or small. Some of these home bar essentials kit include ice makers, shakers and jiggers, bar glasses, and different spirits as ingredients. Hope this article helped you in stocking a home bar on a budget.

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