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Best Home Spa Essentials

Who doesn’t like to be pampered at home? Spending quality time with your loved ones in the home with a relaxing spa treatment will vitalize you with more energy. Painting nails, soaking the feet for a pedicure, and simple face scrub will relax you to the fullest. 

Glowing facials, massages, pedicure, manicure, and scalp treatments bring out the best in any woman. Since women are created with the ability to do multi-tasks, they hardly find time to drop themselves in the spa. So we bring you some tips about creating your own spa experience at home with these home spa essentials.

Basic Equipment for a DIY At-Home Spa

What do you need for spa experience at home? Below is the basic list of home spa equipment. Check the below sections and know how to create a spa at home.

  • Exfoliating peel
  • Cleanser
  • Scalp massage
  • Bath oil
  • Clay mask
  • Robe
  • Eye treatment

Exfoliating Peel

Exfoliating peels rejuvenate the skin and increase natural glow. They remove the dirt, debris, and oil present in the skin. They penetrate deep into the skin, and they shed the dead cells and keeps the healthy complexion. You can apply it using a cotton pad and sometimes with your hands. So, add it to your at home spa kit for ultimate spa experience.

Here are the top products from amazon:

  1. Boscia exfoliating peel Gel.
  2. QRxLabs glycolic acid 20% resurfacing pads.
  3. Vivo per Lei facial peeling gel.


Skin cleansers hydrate and soothe your skin by removing the impurities like a magnet using micellar technology. Cleansers are the soap-free creamy formula of PHAs and natural things. They will help you remove makeup and oil without using water.

Here are the best three cleansers: ( you can get through Amazon)

  1. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
  2. CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser
  3. EltaMD foaming facial cleanser

Scalp Massage

Scalps are generally overlooked parts of your body. Using a good spa treatment formula for removing dandruff from hair and soothing at home is possible with some scalp treatment creams. They are even good and promising for lazy spa lovers. You have to apply on the scalp and massage it a bit. Now you are ready to move.

Here are some of the best packs for scalp treatments:

  1. L’Oreal Paris deep nourishing cream bath hair spa 
  2. Biotin Collagen Keratin treatment 
  3. Arvazallia Hydrating Argan oil hair mask and deep conditioner.

Bath Oil

The best part of any spa is the steamy soak in a bathtub. With a complete massage with flower oils, you can cherish yourself for relaxation. Fill the tub with warm or hot water and add a few drops of the aromatic oils and get yourself tugged-in. Aromatics oils reduce stress and increase freshness in mind and body.

Here are the top 3 oils for your DIY try:

  1. Aveda Shampure composition oil – ( Calming bath oil).
  2. Kneip Bath oil, relaxing lavender.
  3. Base Coat Soothe Bath & Body oil.

Eye Treatment

For the puffy, irritated, and dry eyes, you can use the tea bags. Even potato slices, cucumber are some of the best options for a relaxing treat.

Thus you can concentrate on every part of your body and provide relaxation with simple things around you. Branded products can be obtained from online stores for a home spa experience.


Those who deserve a good old fashioned spa at home are the wonderful products that never fail to give you the spa effect. Getting an appointment at the spa is always a big thing, and you may not often get convenient days. It also means that you can get a spa treatment at home with some pennies and saving dollars in this DIY. Get your favorite home spa essentials or material from the leading brands and pamper yourself in the comfort of your home. You can go for the affordable tools or luxury spa products for home based on your budget.

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